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About the Author 

After growing up in Hong Kong, I temporarily left to complete my BA and MA in History in the UK and US. Upon graduating and returning to Hong Kong, I narrowed my historical research to focus definitively on Hong Kong's architectural history. 


At university, I predominately studied American civil and women's rights. As a result, most of my research was based on the Progressive Era (1880-1925) and the Civil Rights Era (1955-1975). During my MA, I primarily studied Public History and explored the best ways to interpret history to the public, whether in museums or public sites. I was fortunate enough to study during a transformative period for American museums; many of which were finding new ways to interpret their history away from the "male gaze." During this time, I was auspicious enough to gain first-hand experience regenerating a new interpretative tour at a small historic house museum. This particularly exposed me to the pitfalls of presenting history in a single, stationary light. 

Understanding the history of one's surroundings immediately adds to one's interest and appreciation for the structures around them. With the lack of history publically exhibited in Hong Kong, I hope to inspire people to learn more about the history that lies both starkly and not so starkly within their reach. And perhaps even incline readers to look up from their mobile phones and explore the historic buildings that engulf Hong Kong's city limits.


  • "To Mentor and Control: How the North Bennet Street Industrial School Became a Pioneer of Philanthropy and Americanization at the Turn of the Century," The Graduate History Review, Sep 20, 2021

Creative Works: ​

  • "Parlor Politics: Redefining Domesticity and Femininity in the Nichols House from 1890 to 1960," Nichols House Museum, 2020, Tour.

  • "Why Deprive the State of Her Service?": The Political Lives of Rose, Marian, and Margaret Nichols," Nichols House Museum, 2020, Exhibition.

  • "Enriching a City: A Generational Study Exploring The Experiences Of The Cambodian Community In Lowell," Grant Proposal, University of Massachusetts Boston, 2018.


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